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361. Ludmila BRAGINA   (06.10.2004 23:59) E-mail
Hello Natalia!
My compliments for your wonderfull cats and very beautiful site.
I wish you and your sweet cats all the best for the future.
I hope you will find time to look at my new kitten page.
Best regards to your cats from our cats!

Persians & Exotics CFA cattery "Belogorie"

360. ZG:Daniela Kern and Roswitha Naumann   (25.09.2004 15:42) E-mail
We had a great time visiting your site.
We love your exotics,they are great!!Also you have made a lot of work for your website our compliments!!!
We wish you good luck in breeding and showing.
Best regards from Daniela and Roswitha.

359. elena   (17.09.2004 22:05) E-mail
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358. sanbachs Cattery   (17.09.2004 00:46) E-mail
You really have a beautiful cats, I enjoy your website all the time. Good Luck with your kittens and cats.
Visit my place at www.sanbachspaw.com
Brian Sante

357. Sanbachs Cattery   (17.09.2004 00:43) E-mail

356. Lena   (15.09.2004 02:01)
Hello Natalia! You have a very beutiful homepage and very sweet cats. Good Luck in future!

355. саша   (07.09.2004 05:03) E-mail
You have really remarkable quality of lilac cats. I know it''s very hard to get the lilac-choco related cats with good quality. I am also working with choco-lilac related persian & exotic. I invite you to visit my site. I can see your hard working and effort. I really want to say that you are clever, and you did a great job. I really admire you as a breeder who is working with these difficult colors. I do hope that I can get many help from you.

354. Anna   (24.08.2004 14:47) E-mail
Warm greetings from Polish Devon Rex and Maine Coon cattery - Ostoja*Pl -
Very beautiful cats and wonderful website.
Many wishes for the future breeding

353. BONDROIT Benoоt   (22.08.2004 00:03)
I really enjoy my visit on your website.
Your cats are really great ! congratulations !!!
If you want, you can visit our website and why not sign our guestbook.

Best regards !

2004 CFA''s Cattery of Excellence

352. Gisela Koenen   (14.08.2004 18:24) E-mail
You have a great site and beautiful cats. I love your lilac boy. Good luck in the future with breeding and show.

351. Sarah Flugum   (14.08.2004 11:34) E-mail
You have a wonderful site, very cute kittens. Was a pleasure visiting your site.

350. PHILIPPE GALLAIS   (12.08.2004 21:47) E-mail
Comme promis je reviens vous voir.C''est toujours avec un rйel plaisir que je visite votre trиs joli site avec vos magnifiques chats.Je reviendrais vous revoir bientфt.Amitiйs fйlines de FRANCE PHILIPPE.
As promised I return to see you.It is always with a real pleasure that I visit your very pretty site with your splendid cats.I would return to re-examine you soon.Cat-like friendships of PHILIPPE FRANCE.

349. Bj   (11.08.2004 20:25)
Thank you for visiting The Early Bird''s Nest and for signing our guestbook! You have some very gorgeous Persion cats and kittens, and we wish you the best of luck in placing them in homes. We currently have a Tortoise Shell (Critter) that is almost 17 years old; a Maine Coon (Mickey Mouser) that is 2 years old; and a Russian Blue or Korat (Mysti) that is also 2 years old. She gave us kittens on June 2nd, and we have only placed the Tortie kitten so far. We''re not in the "business", though; just taking in strays that need a good, loving home. Cats are precious, aren''t they?? LOL Once again, thank you for visiting and giving us the opportunity to visit your website.

348.   (06.08.2004 19:22) E-mail
I think your babies are beautiful. Timoffey would be my choice. I love that face. Though I already have 2 peach boys that look very similar to Timoffey.

347.   (06.08.2004 19:11) E-mail
I think your babies are beautiful.

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