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16. Jaana Tiainen   (15.05.2003 09:54) E-mail
Hi Natalia,

Thank you very much for the lovely greetings you wrote to my guestbook. Sorry it took time to visit on your site but it worth, Your cats are so lovely;)

Best regards from Amadiyah cattery from Finland
Jaana & silvers

15. Andrй & Germien   (07.05.2003 19:14) E-mail
Thanks for your nice words in our guestbook.
We have a great time with viewing in your lovly site.
We like the blue very much.
Good luck.

14. noradawn@btopenworld.com   (07.05.2003 05:00)
Lovely cats ,Great page ......Best wishes........Nora

Noradawn Elegance in Himalayan
Persians & Exotics
chocolate Lilac & strips
PKD,Tested cattery

13. Magaly Ortega   (20.04.2003 09:12) E-mail
I forgat to tell you ,that you look very nice in your contac page.
Good Luck.

12. Magaly Ortega   (20.04.2003 09:06) E-mail
Dear Natalia:
Congratulations , your cats are really really beautiful. My Best wishes to you and thank you for visiting my web site. God Bless you.
Regards from Mexico.

11. Natasha Wiegelman   (16.04.2003 23:38) E-mail
You have a very beautiful cats! I really enjoyed my visit!! And I will definitely be back.
I would like to invite you to visit my web site also.
Best wishes to you and your lovely kitties,

10. Monica   (16.04.2003 18:04) E-mail
Hi, thank you for you kind words in my guestbook !
It was a pleasure to visit your website, your cats is very sweet and lovely, congratulations.!! And your website is very nice. Good luck in future breeding.
All the best, Monica ;=)

9. Marie Kдllgren   (15.04.2003 14:23) E-mail
Hi Natalia
You have such lovely cats and kittens!!
Its always a great pleasure to visit you site. Good luck in future.
Best regards from Sweden

8. Ilona   (07.04.2003 15:17) E-mail
Hello Natalia,
Thank you for visit in my page.
You have very nice site! I love your Khatshepsut Ognennaya Lisa! She is really very nice female. Best wishes in your breeding program!

7. Vanesa Krechov   (01.04.2003 09:14) E-mail
Congratulations for your beautiful website and your magnific cats!!!
Regards from Argentina
Vanesa Krechov

6. Natasha Wiegelman   (20.03.2003 20:52) E-mail
Dear Natalia,
I like to visit your web site very much! What a great cats! Love these sweet faces that your lilacs have!!!
Sending my best and warmest wishes!!!

5. Maria Novoselskaya   (10.03.2003 08:55) E-mail
Your cats are charming and your site is wonderfully colored. I wish you good luck and further victories in cats show!
Maria, Perm

4. Michelle   (09.03.2003 16:18) E-mail
Hello from UK :) I am a new breeder of Persians in self colours blue & cream also bi colours including Van pattern. I Just love your colour point persian 'HATCHEPSUT OGNENNAYA LISA PER' , just amazing !!

3. Donna Commins   (01.03.2003 17:39) E-mail
Hi from the UK.
Love your cats and site I am now wishing that I wasnt so far away.
Good luck for the future.

2. Per and Bodil Sthaalros   (01.03.2003 02:02) E-mail
Thanks for your nice words on our home page.
You have very beautiful cats with a great expressions.
We wish you a lot of succes in the future.
Per and Bodil

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