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346. Dino & Pebbles   (04.08.2004 21:53)
Thank you for stopping by and visiting our site. We appreciate it very much. We figured we''d better make a visit to yours. Of course, we looked at the kitty pictures. Very, very nice. Best regards, Dino and Pebbles

345. Marina & Vitaly   (02.08.2004 19:19) E-mail
Hello dear friends!!!
We have a great time on your site. Gorgeous cats and a fantastic website!!! We wish you a lot success in the future with breeding and showing. Have a wonderful summer! Warmest regards, Marina & Vitaly.

344. Carla Kurzweg   (29.07.2004 21:23) E-mail
Hello,It/s great to visit your wonderful website.You have so lovely and beautiful cats.I love them all.I wish you and your sweeties all the best for breed and show.My website is in work.
Best regards Carla

343. Carla Kurzweg   (28.07.2004 17:02)
Hello,Your cats are so lovly and beautiful.I like it very mutch your great cats.I Wish you and your sweeties all the best for the future and show.
warmest regards Carla from Germany

342. Monika   (26.07.2004 03:38) E-mail
Hello, you made here a really very pretty homepage. I was making gladly here. Further so and all good


341. Brian Sante   (25.07.2004 23:07) E-mail
Your website is very beautiful. I have a registered cattery name, sanbachs, but am strictly a hobby breeder. I have some very nice persians and himalayans with excellent blood lines including show champions. I occasionally breed for people who are more interested in a pet cat although I some times am lucky to have a show quality kitten. I have, for my own entertainment, set up a web site, www.sanbachspaw.com and have photos of my adult cats and kittens. Feel free to visit my website and let me know if you find it enjoyable and please offer any criticism you wish.
Again, I enjoyed your website very much.
Best of luck.

340. Marlène   (25.07.2004 21:07)
Natalia, thank you for signing my guestbook!
Because I have a soft spot for Persians (I still have 2) I had to see yours. You have beautiful cats, and I *love* your lilac/cream girl!!

All the best,
Voyager Cornish Rex

339. Joan Taylor   (25.07.2004 14:52) E-mail
Hello Natalia

You have some beautiful cats. Tasslehoff Persians wish you every success in the future.

Best wishes

338. DK Yesterdayґs   (15.07.2004 21:39) E-mail
Hello !
Thanks for visiting our site and signing our guestbook. You have beautiful cats and a lovely site too.
All our best wishes for the future.
Best regards from
Kaj & Marjun.

337. ЁVibeke Jensen   (15.07.2004 21:37) E-mail
Hello from Vestjylland.
Tank Yoy for visit my HP, and your nice word in my guiestbook.
I realy enjoy to surf on your site.
I wish you all the best for your futere Breeding.

336. Greenycat   (14.07.2004 06:47) E-mail
Wow~ What lovely cats~!!!!
It is not easy to see lilac percian here in korea
i had good time to see your cats

i will keep visiting here sometimes to see your cats

335. Leeann   (13.07.2004 23:44) E-mail
Very nice website, I love the layouts and keep up the very good job!!!!

334. Elisabeth Jahn   (10.07.2004 10:45) E-mail
Thanks for the nice word in my guestbook, and I will say, I really enjoy to surf around on your site, and your cats is so beautiful. I will wish you good luck with show and breeding.
Kind Regard from Denmark, Elisabeth

333. Sonja and Susanne Hansen   (09.07.2004 02:58)
Hi, it is always a pleasure to visit your HP and admire your Beautiful Persians in so rare colours.
All the Best Whishes for your future breeding from Vinderoed & V Asserbo Persians, DK.

332. Jimmy & Jeanette   (08.07.2004 21:44) E-mail
Hi Natalia!It was very kind of you to take the time and sign my guestbook.
Congratulations to a perfectly designed homepage,itґs so pretty and full of beautiful pictures,
Iґm very spectacular.
All your cats are so adorable,with a very lovely expression,(especially your little lilac kitten) I hope they will bring you a lot of success in the future.
I wish excellent success in breeding and high results in shows.
Be sure I will be back again soon,to look at your charming cats.
Hugs from Jimmy & Jeanette and all the cats.

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